Where do you get your obi and kimono from?

All our obis and kimonos are from Japan. The best quality vintage items are hard to find and we have our sources to make sure we get to choose from the best for you. As well as looking for stunning designs and vivid colours, when choosing we also make sure you are getting top quality items with as little wear and tear as possible.  

Are the obi table runners or wall hangers?

Our obis in the 'Table Runners & Wall Hangers' section can be used as either. Where possible we will include a loop at the top of an obi suitable for wall hanging, this will be noted in the product description. If there is no loop and you are hanging obis from a rod you can assume that a little over half the length can be shown on the front. Take care that the length is enough for what you need, if in doubt please ask! 

Vintage... How much wear and tear can I expect?

We want only the best for you and we always look for obis and kimonos that are in the best possible condition. However, keep in mind that many of of our creations use material that is 20 or 30 years old. Expect some wear and tear, but we think that these imperfections add to the character and charm of your obi and will help make it a keepsake you will love and be proud to display for years to come.

How can I wash my obi?

This is a tough question! The short answer is 'you can't', and so we recommend that you don't use your table runners for meal times! 

Traditionally kimonos and obis were taken apart for cleaning and then sewn back together, it was a process involving several craftsmen! You may have some luck cold water or a dry cleaner particularly one who has experience working with vintage silks, but there are no guarantees with textiles that are delicate.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! We offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING to anywhere in the world on orders over $150. A flat $20 SGD for order less than $150. Please see our shipping page for details.

Corporate or office use?

Absolutely! Obis and kimonos make stunning displays in an office or restaurant. If you plan on exhibiting your art permanently we would recommend you consider framing the piece to accentuate and protect it. Please enquire if you need assistance or advice.